Geveducation: The Travel Destination In Tasikmalaya West Java Indonesia

Indonesia is the famous country with has many beautiful destination places that can attract the travelers to visit, especially in Tasikmalaya West Java.

Tasikmlaya is located around 120 kilometers (75 mil) southeast from the provincial capital of Bandung. As mountainous preanger of Java at an elevation of 1,1151 feet, Tasikmalaya has many potencial in tourism that suitable for travel destination planning because this city has the panoramic nature.
The following some of destination places in Tasikmalaya West Java Indonesia:

1. Kampung Naga

 Indonesia is the famous country with has many beautiful destination places that can attra Geveducation:  The Travel Destination In Tasikmalaya West Java Indonesia
Kampung Naga Tasikmalaya

Kampung Naga is located around 20 kilometers from southwest from Tasikmalaya city, Salawu districs. Kampung Naga is a village inhabited by a group of people who are very strong in holding the relics of ancestral, in this case is the traditional Sundanese. The Bedouin settlements, Kampung Naga became the object of anthropological study of the life of Sundanese people when transition the influence of Hindu to the influence of Islam in West Java.

2. Galunggung Mountain

The Crater of Mount Galunggung
Hot Tubs of Mount Galunggung
 Mount Galunggung is one of the biggest mountain in West Java. It is an active stratovolcano in West Java, Indonesia, around 15 km southeast of Tasikmalaya. Mount Galunggung is part of the Sunda Arc extending through Sumatra, Java and Bali, which has resulted from the subduction of the Australian plate beneath the Eurasian plate. After eruption in 1983, mount Galunggung became travel destination in Tasikmalaya. The famous traveldestination in mount Galunggung is hot tubs (Cipanas) and the creater that has beautiful panorama.

3. Situ Gede

Situ Gede In The Morning
Situ Gede is a lake that has an area of 47 hectares in Tasikmalaya. Situ Gede is one of the popular travel in Tasikmalaya because it has beautiful view, quite atmosphere, and the location is not too far from downtown Tasikmalaya about 30 minutes, riding public transportion.

4. Cipatujah Beach

Cipatujah Beach

Pamayang Beach

Sindangkerta Beach
Cipatujah beach is located in Cipatujah district within around 74 kilometers south from downtown Tasikmalaya. Cipatujah beach has the beautiful coastline and has waves big enough that can be attractiveness itself. Furthermore, Cipatujah district doesn’t have only one beach, but some beachs which can be travel destination, such as Pamayang and Sindangkerta. The both is located side by side with Cipatujah beach and they have the main attraction that suitable to visit.

5. Karang Tawulan

Rock Formation of Karang Tawulan
Karang Tawulan Hill
The attractiveness of Karang Tawulan is the rock formation with the green and blue view caused by grass and sea at the seaside. This destination has the main attraction that it will so hard to forget. The location of karang Tawulan is quite far from downtown Tasikmalaya around 90 kilometers or can be travelled about 3 hours, riding personal transportation. Then, Karang Tawulan is located at Kalapa Genep, Cikalong district, south of Tasikmalaya.

6. Situ Sanghiang

Front Look of Situ Sanghiang

Side of Situ Sanghiang
Situ Sanghiang is a lake which located at Cibalanarik, Tanjung Jaya district Tasikmalaya. Situ Sanghiang became one of the romantic destination in Tasikmalaya because the travelers can drive a boat or raft that available boats rental itself. And also it gives the beautiful view with the green trees and natural area.

7. ACD Tea Plantation

Taraju Tea Garden
ACD is located in Taraju district and it can be taken about 2 hours from downtown Tasikmalaya by personal Transportation. In there, the traveler will be offered hills with overlay of tea plantation and fresh air. in there also provide some villas to rent, so the traveler can stay for sometimes.

8. Curug Ciparay, Curug Dua, Curug Cinila

Ciparay Water Fall
The word ‘Curug’ is Sundanese word, it means water fall in English. Not everybody knows that in Tasikmalaya has many beautiful water falls, one of the recommended destination is Curug Ciparay, Curug Dua, Curug Cinila. They are located at Cidugaleun, Lewi Sari, Singaparna district (1 Hour from Downtown Tasikmalaya).

9. Curug Batu Blek

Curug Batu Blek
One of recommended travel destination in Tasikmalaya are Curug Batu Blek and Curug Gado Bangkong. It is located at Cisayong district (30 Minutes from Downtown Tasikmalaya). In there, the traveler can swim in fresh water, under water fall.

10. Curug Denden

Curug Dendeng
The both is located in Cikatomas district, south of downtown Tasikmalaya. The view of the both destination is very exotic and beautiful. The traveler can swim all day long with the fresh water.


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