PPDGJ: Assignment M6 LA3, Procedure Text, Manual Book, How to Use a Printer

Assignment M6 LA3
1.        Find one procedural text and one video on procedural instruction (with the same goal) in office context. Analyse the differences and similarities between those two.
2.        Using the written procedure text you use in Assignment 6.A, record yourself performing the instruction.

How to Use a Printer (written)
1.        Make sure that the printer device softwere have been installed in your computer.
2.        Prepare the printer by checking the amount of paper and the ink.
3.        To begin with, plug in the printer’s power cable to the socket and connect its USB cable to your computer’s USB port.
4.        Turn on your printer by pressing START or POWER button
5.        Open the document you'd like to print and then press CTRL + P buttons on your computer keyboard or klik printer icon on the screen.
6.        Klik 'Ok' at the bottom of the pop-up screen to print.
7.        Your document will begin printing.

Printing a Test Page - HP Deskjet 2050 All-in-One Printer

The Similarities
Ø Both of written and spoken procedural describe how something is accomplished through a sequence of actions or steps
Ø Both of procedural instructions state the goal “title”
Ø Those written and spoken procedural focus on generalized human agents, use simple present (often in imperative), use of temporal conjunctions, and use mainly of material processess

The differences
Ø In spoken procedural instruction, usually the use of longer explanation supported by sequenced actions/steps, examples, pictures and more in details
Ø People easier to understand the spoken procedural instructions, since they can directly see the steps and things included in the procedure
Ø The written procedural explain the steps generally, while the spoken procedural tells the steps to print test page


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