PPDGJ: The Amazing of Red Onions

It has been no longer a secret that red onions, besides being an important cooking spice, red onions also have very good merits for health. One method of treatment in China, using onions to open electrical lines (meridians) in the body, aims to help to purify internal organs.

The method, onion (or also garlic), is cut transversely and then placed on the soles of the feet. This attachment is carried out for at least four hours. So the best time is when you sleep at night.

In order for the onion to stick well, it can be glued with the help of a bandage or wear socks. Here are some benefits of red onion (and white) for health.

First, cleanse the blood. When you sleep, phosphoric acid from onions is absorbed through trans-dermal on the soles of the feet and into the vessels. Phosphoric acid is able to purify and absorb toxins in the blood.

The opening of Meridian can also help kill bacteria, germs, and pathogens. In this case, the best is actually garlic. But onion also has properties that are not less good.

When you do not move, the content contained in the onions that are placed on the soles of the feet (both red and white), will suck harmful bacteria (and also toxins) from the body. Outside the body, red onions can function to purify the air. 

In China, Japan, and several countries in Europe and the United States, there is a habit of storing pieces of onions and putting them in a strategic corner.

Air is purified from bacteria and bacteria, especially those can cause minor illnesses such as flu and so on.

Editor: Sugiyarto


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