PPDGJ: English for Classroom Activity

Dialog 1
Rendra        : I am sorry, Galang! May I use the board marker to write on the white board?
Galang        : Of course. You can take it in the cupboard
Rendara      : Thank you so much.

Dialog 2

Eka             : for new classroom, what thing do we have to buy?
Fiah            : We have to buy clock, eraser, board marker, book, small cupboard, teacher chair  and bookshelf. Can you show me where we have to put them?
Eka             : We have to put clock on the wall, the cupboard at the corner, bookshelf between  door and window, eraser, board marker, and book in the cupboard and chair beside the table.
This is my classroom
Hi everybody, this is my beloved class. This class is very clean and tidy. There are so many things that we can find. There are forty chairs with twenty desks. In front of the class, there is whiteboard and that is a cupboard in the corner. Look! Those are an eraser and board-marker on the teacher desk. We always keep our class clean and comfortable to stay. We love studying here.

This is my school
I will tell you about my school. Now, I am in junior high school. The name of my school is SMP Arrisalah Lubuklinggau. My school is big, nice and clean. My school has two parking areas, which one is in front of my school and the second is next to my school. Ok next, my school has many classes. There are eight classrooms.
I have four school cafeteria, cooperation, field, Official space, and teacher and principal room. My school has 5 laboratories, such as: Biological Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Language Laboratory, and IT space.
My school has a library. When I get bored, I usually come to this place. Do not think that about me going to borrow or read a book. I came there to surf. There is in front of my class library. In the schoolyard, there are some trees. Then, it is all about my school. I think all love to know about my school.
Read the following story and fill in the blanks with a word from the list:
Pencil teacher textbook bookshelf student
computer classroom Notebook dictionary

My name is Bastian and I am learning English. I am a at Arrisalah Senior High School. My English  is Mr. Rahmad and he is really nice. This is a great school.
There are eighteen students in my English class. Our has thirty six desks, but we only use half of them. When we write in class Mr. Rahmad likes us to use a . He doesn't let us use a pen. We each have a  to write in for the English class. We also have an English  that we use every day. It is called "Basic English I”. There are a lot of difficult words in the book, so we look them up in a . Mr. Rahmad has twenty of these on a  behind his desk. We are allowed to use them whenever we want.
This Friday we get to use the  to look up some information on the internet. I am very happy. Using technology is fun. I am lucky to have such a great teacher.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate answer!!

·                     teacher·                     board·                     door    ·                     hallway

·                     chair   ·                     window·                 pencil ·                     classroom

·                     student·                     bookshelf·              desk     ·                     backpack

·       Students sit on a  to do their work.
·       Students enter the classroom through the .
·       I write in my notebook with a .
·       Teachers write on the .
·        helps us learn English.
·        learns in class.
·       I put books in my .
·       Students walk in the  to get to class.
·       Some students look out the .
·       We are in the  with our teacher.
·       I put my paper on the  to write.
·       The books go on the .


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