PPDGJ: Summative Test Modul 2 Bahasa Inggris PPGDALJAB

1. What kind of label is it? 
Food label

2. What information do you get after reading number 2? 
The serving size can only contain 4 oz. 

3. What information do you get after reading number 3? 
There are 3 serving sizes in 3 containers.

4. What is the communicative purposes of the communication sign?
We must not spray the product into our eyes. 

5. Where do you usually find the sign? 
On a product box 

6. What does the sign mean?

7. What will the people do on reading this sign? 
People will not handle the goods carelessly. 

8. What is a synonym for the word "fragile" on this sign? 

9. Where does this sign usually appear?
On a box 

10. Which of the following sentences best describe the message on the sign above? 
Road construction is under progress. 

11. Who is the target audience of this sign?
All road users

12. Where does this sign usually appear? 
On the road 

13. What message does this sign contain? 
It forbids people to touch the wire 

14. The word "cause" means .... 

15. What is the notice about? 
An invitation to clean one's hands 

16. What is the opposite of the word "Hygiene" in the above sign? 

17. When this sign is seen at a place, which of the following situation will you likely see? 
Only people who work for the place will fill the area. 

18. By this time, we _____ trouble. 
had been used to our animals giving

19. I went back to the village to try _____ a re-exchange.
to arrange 

20. _______ me again Armin showed no sign of pleasure or of sorrow.: 
On seeing

21. _______ our search for a ferry, I found the piers of a hanging rope bridge. 
In the course of 

22. _____ in the water, Armin showed himself to be a splendid swimmer. 

23. We thought there must be _______ we could get across the river. 
a way 

24. The following are vitamins contained in POP 1000, except ... 
Vitamin A 

25. The label information suggests that POP 1000 does not contain ... 

26. What is the flavor of the drink? 

27. How much is the content of a bottle of POP 1000? 
140 ml 

28. What is the total fat content of the product? 

29.What message does the sign contain?
No surfing 

30. Where would you likely find this sign? 
In the ocean 
In a swam


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